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Do you enjoy tales, at the end of which nothing can save the main characters? You see more benefit in a loss than in an acquisition. Fictional characters are suffering - you are looking at. Or vice versa. Does it sound tempting?

Any time you're in town, you are surrounded by the miserables, grizzlers and grumblers. Take your time, listen to them, and they will tell their Tragediettas. Storytellers will change each other again and again, introducing you to their mythological consciousness, strange events, creatures and actions.

Fairy tales for adults

Freaks Tales is a book of parables. There are number of stories - fairy tales - where player can affect the very moral of the story. A lot of thought is put into creating a perfectly eerie, dystopian town. And did we mention adult content? Yes, there are fairy tales for adults. Most likely for adults. Love in all colors, questions and dilemmas, psychological and physical issues. There are no restrictions. This is a must for any fan of literature. Each day in the game will present new stories to players. While players are free to approach these fairy tales however they wish, a typical day might look like this:
  • You check your mailbox at the beginning of the day. You read the latest news from a newspaper, letters from unknown persons and promotional leaflets.
  • When it’s done, it’s time to begin exploring a map of the town. That's how you can find new stories. Along the way, you’ll encounter storytellers you’ve never seen before, discover a new events, and watch how the town breathes from the height of bird flight.
  • Next, you have a talk with storyteller. He is old and don't remember much. Your questions do not help to understand the whole story. But it's ok. There are a lot of storytellers here. Intelligible ones, even.
  • You have time to talk with another one. In the end of his story he ceases to respond to questions. What bad manners he has! Something going wrong and he doesn't want to talk with you anymore and leaves your office. Did you tell him something that made him act this way?
  • With the sun setting, it’s time to walk around your lovely places. Instead you find yourself watching homeless people search for food and choose which pigeon is the weakest.
  • Upon your return you decide to relax. When you wake up tomorrow, you will have another day of searching. The newspaper will tell you more about someone you know and maybe the reasons for his bad manners. Did you tell him something that made him end like this? It is likely that the other players hardly ever know him.
That's a start. Who knows whom you'll meet and what he’ll tell... Hold on.



The whole town of unfriendly characters will tell you their strange tales. Some storytellers will be easy to understand, the others will need to ask additional questions, and other tellers will need other listeners, to be understood.


The Town Princess broke her leg at the ball and since she has been walking with a wooden prosthesis, causing regret and disgust in others. There are no happy endings. There are stories with morals which could be different under other circumstances.


The action takes place in an alien time, in a town that only vaguely looks familiar. Local mail will allow you to be aware of the latest news from the newspapers, be in communication and even provide the promotional leaflets. The town map will tell you where to find new narrators – and almost forgotten history of the houses and streets will come to life again – to die in front of your eyes.

How to win?

Behave the way you behave in your real life, and not expect that something will encourage you for “the right answers” or punish for “the wrong ones”. Choose something that you are really interested in, and then you achieve a dialogue with the narrator, or even affect some events. In the end, there are just stories HERE.

Design and Atmosphere

All the game scenes are drawn with a pencil, cut from paper and placed in a 3D-scene, as to be maximum similar to games from your childhood. In childhood, did you have any other games? Maybe, it's for the best.


This is fairy tales for adults. Most likely for adults. Love in all colors, questions and dilemmas, psychological and physical issues. Read “Freaks tales” alone before going to sleep – add a bit more desperation in your evening.


Freaks Tales is the first game being developed by Secta.


Announcement Trailer YouTube
Announcement trailer is fully made in the game's engine.


This is an extraordinary dark ambient / fantasy project from Russia named Ведьма Под Морфина Гидрохлоридом. Since 2012 they have released 5 albums of "dead" music. Most of the tracks are dedicated to the fantasy world of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (the Sovereign Stone trilogy). Combining memories from the past, fear, deep sleep sessions and use of electric shocker, Ведьма Под Морфина Гидрохлоридом guides listener through the dreams again and again. You may already heard these melodies of dreams in our video. Now, it's a perfect part of Freaks Tales.

Available on: Soundcloud | Last.fm | VK.com


download all screenshots, gif & photos as .zip (80MB)
Here is some animation:

Hand drawn elements:

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Dev Blog
Follow our progress at: blog.measecta.com

About Secta

We kill the gamers’ mood, depriving them enjoying, read them doubtful parables in the hope that they will ask the eternal questions. Also, we don't like to talk much about ourselves and our plans that makes us lousy marketers.

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